Oasis Farming


Liquidity, Trade, Loan mining

Yield Farming is one of the latest trends that has rapidly forced its way into the decentralized finance (DeFi) world, Oasiswap Farming provide new multiple strategies and techniques aimed at providing users with more opportunities to generate larger incomes. On the basis of liquidity mining and trade mining, Oasiswap Farming has added various mining methods such as NFT mining and loan mining. More product details are still under development.

Swap any tokens on OASISwap, you will have a chance to get OST token airdrop rewards.Add any token liquidity pool on BSC, get OST token liquidity mining rewards, and limited edition NFT airdrops, etc.

Join any LP token pledge mining, get OST mining rewards, OST airdrop rewards and NFTs airdrop rewards, etc.

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