Go to the Add Liquidity page, link

Click on the Add Liquidity button.


Select OST/BNB or OST/USDT or OST/XXX(other token), enter the amount you want to add, for example 10 USDT, the system will automatically calculate the amount of BNB/USDT needed, click Add.

( Now the income of creating/adding an OST trading pair is the highest. Your income includes OST official rewards, OST official airdrops, and mining rewards. )


In the Metamask window that pops up, click Confirm button.


Click Confirm Supply.


After you added, you will see OST/XXX LP Tokens, your position will be showed at the bottom of the page.


Now you can get rewards after the official airdrop is completed. If you want to know how to get more income,

please click to visit:


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