OasisMetaverse Introduction


What is OasisMetaverse?

OasisMetaverse is the world's first Decentralized multi-product integrated platform deployed on BinanceSmartChain. OasisMetaverse includes oasis swap, oasis yield Farming, oasis NFTs, oasis gamefi and other branch products. Oasiswap is based on the proven Money Pool Automatic Market Making Algorithm (AMM) and implements various mining mechanisms such as digital currency exchange, as well as liquidity mining and transaction mining.

Official website: https://oasiswap.finance

In addition, OasisMetaverse has established strategic partnerships with many projects in the BSC ecosystem. You can trade, earn, win crypto and take away the limited edition NFTs on the most popular decentralized platform. Try OasisMetaverse's multiple yield farming, take your OST and NFT airdrop rewards.More details of the NFTs airdrop event are being planned.
OasisMetaverse is designed to meet different financial needs, based on cutting-edge blockchain technology, connecting the entire blockchain world via web 3.0. For more information on how to use the individual products of OasisMetaverse, please refer to the official guide.

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