Mint, Synthesize, Sell NFTs, Blind Box


Focusing on NFT metaverse and GameFi, OasisMetaverse will be committed to building the latest blockchain games and NFT financial system for a long time in the future, making NFT not only interesting and fun, but also collectable and make money for you, etc.

Minting your own NFT, only a small amount of OST/BNB is required, but it gives you the opportunity to earn a large amount of OST/BNB.

Spend a small amount of OST/BNB to make some Oasis NFTs blind boxes, and you will win 100%, but the rarity of NFTs obtained in NFTs blind boxes is different.

The high-value limited edition NFT airdrop is a gift we give to those who contribute to the provide liquidity of the OASIS metaverse. More details are under development.



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